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Our mission is to protect people’s life and well-being by delivering high-quality, hypoallergic personal protective equipment (PPE). We at PPS Manufacturing, created one of the first and one-of-a-kind nitrile-glove factories in Europe. It comprises a vast production capacity and state-of-the-art technologies and equipment.



One-of-a-kind nitrile-glove factory with a vast production capacity

Our manufacturing base spreads over a total area of more than 6000 m2, with a grand-scale production line – more than 140m long, 14m high, and 3m wide. The line has a non-stop 24/7 running cycle which allows for a constant personal protective equipment supply for the whole of Europe.

We can produce ca. 800 000 top quality nitrile gloves per day, 34 000 per hour, and export more than 250 000 boxes per month thanks to the highly innovative and optimized technologies used in the factory.

Our products cover all quality standards and are an intrinsic part of the protective equipment during the work process for a wide range of industries. See the 5 key industries which must use disposable gloves during their work process.


Cutting-edge technologies in nitrile-glove production

Cutting-edge technologies, high-quality materials, constant control of each production step, and effective operational process are the key elements for PPS Manufacturing in achieving leadership in nitrile-glove production.

Why apply innovative production?

The main goals of the innovative process we have adopted in our production are:

  • Reaching maximum energy and resource efficiency;
  • Autonomy in raw-material deliveries from Southeast Asia;
  • Achieving independence from the petrol-chemical industry;
  • Creating 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly products by following all international standards.

How are nitrile gloves produced at PPS Manufacturing?

Nitrile gloves production is quite a complicated process. There is a series of steps and stages which each and every glove goes through for us to deliver a high-quality and safe-to-use product. The majority of these steps and stages are fully automated which guarantees precision, time efficiency, and supreme hygiene. The personal protective equipment that we produce undergoes more several production stages and quality control before they are ready to use.

  • The production process always begins with a thorough rinsing of all ceramic glove molds. They are submerged in cleansing solution and run through horizontal and vertical brushes which remove all residual particles and contamination.
  • The clean and dry molds are then submerged into a mixture of calcium carbonate and calcium nitrate to ensure that the nitrile sticks to the molds perfectly.
  • After that, the molds are dipped into NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber) in several stages while, after each dip into the rubber, the gloves run through the line to get heat-solidified at a temperature of ca. 180°C.
  • To achieve maximum comfort and quality of the product, we have incorporated 2 extra processes – polymer coating and chlorine treatment. This way they become extremely flexible and fit perfectly to every hand.
  • As part of the final steps, the upper edges of the gloves are curled to ease putting and wearing them.
  • In the end, the ready-made gloves are taken off the molds automatically.
  • The gloves then undergo several stages of quality control before they get packed and sent to the customer. This way we guarantee that all standards are met.



The overall production cycle length approximates 45 to 65 minutes, after which it starts all over again.

Our very own R&D department

At PPS Manufacturing we are proud to own Research and Development lab and department where we constantly test, optimize, and improve our products. Our goal is to create fully biodegradable and ecological gloves that are still reliable, comfortable and safe to use in almost any industry. We focus our work on ensuring better life and safety for the people while preserving and protecting the environment.



Why choose our PPS Manufacturing nitrile gloves?

At PPS Manufacturing, we produce nitrile gloves with greener footprint that are hypoallergic, toxin-resistant, extremely durable, comfortable and with competitive price-to-quality value.

We are extremely proud and happy that we can leave a mark in history by taking care of your well-being and our planet. We will keep our vision for innovation and mission to create a better future.

PPS Manufacturing – a European producer of nitrile gloves. Our products comply with several quality standards and are constantly optimized to ensure excellence in the personal protective equipment for our customers. See all characteristics of the PPS Manufacturing nitrile gloves.

Contact us and choose EU-made products with high quality at competitive prices and fast and secure delivery.


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