PPS Manufacturing was part of the initiative “Industry Round tables series” of American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria

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The first edition of the initiative “Industry Round tables” was held on 17th February in    Capital Forth in Sofia. 20 representatives of large and reputable production companies participated in an open and fruitful discussion on the topic “Opportunities and challenges in manufacturing sector”. The CEO of PPS Manufacturing, Anton Petrov, actively engaged in the business dialogue, sharing experience on the topic for the necessity to invest in employee training for personal growth and development of the company.

Moderator of  the event was Ivan Mihaylov, member of the board of AmCham and director of the Technical centers – Bulgaria and Romania, Visteon. During the discussion, the production companies, members of the prominent business association, expressed their concern on various issues and shared their priorities and goals for the year ahead.  The three leading factors with a negative impact on business are energy prices and lack of energy diversification, CoViD-19, and its consequences, as well as the shortage of skilled labour. “Investment plans or reductions this year” was another interesting topic that was discussed. The responses showed that manufacturing businesses are planning employee pay rises, investments in improving their technology base, and expanding business operations and processes.

During the meeting, several future steps were decided to be taken. Some of them are to start a dialogue with specific institutions and to establish a future Production Committee with the participation of all 42 production companies. Its goal will be active communication of business-relevant topics, exchange of experience and cooperation.

*Guests of the meeting were representatives from Honeywell ЕООД, Sensata Technologies Bulgaria ЕООД, Industrial Holding Bulgaria, PPS Manufacturing, Techceramic-M, Titan Zlatna Panega Ciment, Woodward Bulgaria ЕООД, Zobele Bulgaria ЕООД, Jacobs Douwe Egberts BG ЕООД, Wallotopia АД, Nase , Prestige 96 АД, Schneider Electric Bulgaria ЕООД, and WSK Kentavar – IZ Dynamic ЕООД.


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