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On July 21, 2022, we opened a European factory to produce nitrile gloves. With this gesture, we at PPS Manufacturing not only launched the first production line of its kind but also left an imprint on the economy of Bulgaria and the EU, the development of businesses, scientific activities, and the improvement of people’s lives and health.

Large-scale production covers a 6000 sq.m. working area and is provided with high-tech, up-to-date equipment that can produce 800,000 gloves per day.

We are happy that we had the opportunity to invite our partners, friends, and customers who contributed to the realization of the project. We marked this momentous day with an event to congratulate each other after two years of hard work. And we’re just getting started.

The opening ceremony of the nitrile glove factory

The opening ceremony of PPS Manufacturing was attended by Stefan Stoyanov, Deputy Mayor of Plovdiv Municipality, Georgi Petkov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of PPS Manufacturing, and Anton Petrov, Executive Director. Petkov and Petrov with Dimitar Stamov, Sales and Marketing director, they are the founders of the innovative company.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart, friends, for being with us for two years. (…) This is the first such factory in Europe, and no other analog exists. We hope to quickly find partners so that we can expand production as quickly as possible and reduce dependence on Asian manufacturers throughout Europe.”

With these words, Georgi Petkov opened the event and summarized the goals of PPS Manufacturing.

Executive Director Anton Petrov talked about the challenges the whole team went through, how they learned while laying the foundations of innovation, and the global and local difficulties that were overcome.

“For these two years, the whole team and I have become convinced that goodness is contagious. If you have a good idea, if you have passion, if you talk to people, if you try to attract them, if you explain to them why this is important, if you share the future, there are always good people to help you. We hope that, as many people have helped us, we will have the opportunity, not only with our product but also with the future, to return some of that favor.”

The last speech was given by the Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Plovdiv, Stefan Stoyanov.

“Today’s investment will certainly not be the largest in Plovdiv, but it will certainly be one of the most significant for the Bulgarian economy for several reasons. This investment follows the first wave of major global changes. This investment is entirely Bulgarian – by Bulgarian entrepreneurs, with Bulgarian management, and created with a Bulgarian spirit. It is rare that a company from Eastern Europe throws down the gauntlet and wants to be a leader in the richest market – the European Union. PPS Manufacturing does just that.”

Highlights of the event

Undoubtedly, one of the most exciting highlights of the event was the tour in which Anton Petrov told more about the production method of nitrile gloves. It started with presenting the only production line for this PPE in Europe and went through the entire factory. It will produce 37,000 gloves per hour or 250,000 boxes of gloves per month.

The event also presented some of the applications of nitrile gloves in key industries – medicine, food, and HoReCa. Thus, the guests could enjoy refreshing drinks and delicious catering and see in a natural environment how important blue and black gloves are to protect health.

Congratulatory letter from the President of the Republic of Bulgaria Rumen Radev

We are delighted that the President Rumen Radev sent his congratulations and noted the importance of PPS Manufacturing through a congratulatory letter.

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Please accept my most sincere and heartfelt congratulations on opening your factory.

I believe that the development of this project, unique for the whole of Europe, will provide protection in the health sector, industry, and household and substantial economic advantage to our country.

You prove that a home-grown company can be one of the most innovative glove manufacturers in Europe. I believe that your efforts will be crowned with success. Through you, Bulgaria will be able to set the tone for the production of personal protective equipment, with an emphasis on complex technological and ecological solutions.

With your ambitious plan to develop a sustainable and carbon-neutral production of nitrile and biodegradable gloves, you will demonstrate how the industry can contribute to significant economic growth and create sustainable and green solutions to the challenges facing our planet.

I support businesses that create high-value and open new perspectives for productive people. Your company is an excellent example of this.

I wish you success on the way to a greener future without excessive consumption of natural resources.

Good luck!

We appreciate your support!

Nothing is better than seeing how two years of hard work and challenges give the results we have achieved and witness today.

The investment for the project is worth BGN 16 million, with BGN 13 million provided by the Sustainable Cities Fund under the Urban Development Fund financial instrument.

The first and only factory for producing nitrile gloves is now a fact! We will continue to innovate, learn and develop with the future in mind. We work with a mission to protect people’s lives and health by giving them access to safe personal protective equipment and with a vision to provide the individuals on every continent with local, carbon-neutral production of biodegradable gloves.

Thank you to everyone who believed in PPS Manufacturing and contributed to ensuring a safe future for people worldwide and nature!


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