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Who We Are

About PPS Gloves Team

We are a professional team in the sphere of protective equipment manufacturing.

Our aim is to ensure safe and eco-friendly conditions in the healthcare sector, industry, and household. We are committed and dedicated to assisting every sector that utilizes personal protective equipment in improving hygiene standards.

PPS Gloves Background History

PPS Gloves emerges at a crucial moment for humanity and business. The company enters the global market amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. This is a phase in world history where the key role of hygiene takes center focus on sustainability, safety, and ensuring the future progress of business and the social lifestyle. 

By monitoring the growing need of the health conditions improvement in the workplace, manufacturing, and trade, our mission is to be not only effective, but also responsive to the recently emergent new needs. Therefore, we embrace innovation and our responsible work towards our partners as a primary strategy.

PPS Mission

At the heart of our business lies the thought of future development. It provides us with the necessary motivation and drive to offer high-quality protective equipment. Every step of our progress is linked to constant research and development into new technologies and materials to enhance the wide range of comprehensive hygiene solutions.

Our key task goes beyond just offering access to high-quality personal protective equipment in time. Our general concept includes our personal role as reliable partners in the challenge of maintaining an excellent level of hygiene in your field of activity.

Who We Are

Our values represent our recipe for success

The PPS Gloves work ethic is a spitting image and reflection of the latest trends in preserving human life and health without harm to the surrounding world. In seeking a balance between efficiency and safety, security and innovation, we rely on the following key values: 

PPS Gloves about the presence and the future

PPS Gloves operates in a dynamic business environment where high hygiene remains an important part of the agenda for development. While adhering to current standards and key market needs, we never cease to look towards the future. We work for security today to ensure the safe tomorrow. 

To achieve all of these, we make constant efforts to improve reliable protection and care for the environment, providing to the workers, companies, and traders from various continents and business segments with a rich assortment of gloves of different types, thicknesses, and densities.

1. Focus

we are focused on our own growth, which is also connected to the progress of our clients;

2. Innovation

we continuously evolve and find inspiration in the latest industry innovations;

3. Dedication

we love what we do, and it drives us to persist until we find the most effective solution;

4. Unity

the concept of helping others is extended even at an internal level, fostering understanding and teamwork;

5. Transparency

we strive for open relationships with our clients, and to provide detailed information about the composition, purpose, and application of the products;

6. Understanding

we value long-term partnerships and build them with great care and special attention, including by providing personalized consultation, free samples, and quick response to every delivery.

We're PPS Gloves

PPS Gloves – protective equipment as a guarantee of the future

Our personal sense of responsibility towards the safe and stable business progress for all partners is the driving force for our success. At PPS Gloves, we offer a sustainable solution for a better future.

PPS gloves

Our factory

Our factory includes over 6,000 sq. m. of workspace with our own production line, designed by experienced engineers, with a capacity of 800,000 gloves per day.

We have our own R&D department, where new products and innovations are developed and tested, keeping in mind our goal to improve people’s lives while protecting the environment. We are ready to meet the demand and offer wholesale solutions.

Our dedicated team will be happy to assist you.