PPS Manufacturing attended a business meeting with the Minister of Transport

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On April 15, a formal meeting took place in Plovdiv between business representatives of the Thrace Economic Zone and Nikolay Sabev, Minister of Transport and Communications, as well as the Regional Governor of Plovdiv, Deputy the regional governor and the mayor of Maritsa municipality. The ambitious plans for the construction of a city railway in Plovdiv, as well as the preparation of Plovdiv Airport for a new concession were discussed at the meeting. The General Director of PPS Manufacturing, together with the Executive Director of the company, shared the need to implement the project to create modern infrastructure. It will bring many benefits – increasing mobility of people, supporting business in Plovdiv, improving the region.

Representatives of the local business pointed out the need for people from different parts of the city to have easily accessible and convenient transport to the industrial zones around Plovdiv. The new modern factory for the production of nitrile gloves is located on Kuklensko Shosse Blvd. in Plovdiv and is expected to employ over 100 people. These people have to use transport daily to get to work. Minister Sabev shared his desire to ensure the movement of one passenger from one method of transport to another with one ticket and minimal loss of time.

Georgi Petkov and Anton Petrov shared with the Minister of Transport the future plans of their unique project for the production of nitrile gloves in the city of Plovdiv. PPS Manufacturing is a typical example for nearshoring of important for society goods from Asia to Europe, which provides a strong competitive advantage to Bulgaria. Nikolay Sabev was impressed by the business idea and shared that our country is a very suitable location for the development of such projects.


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